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We are a firm experienced in brand identity, brand strategy and small business strategy for growing startups. Our firm is intentionally small, working with a few clients at a time.

What we Believe in:

Honesty & Serving

Inventive's approach to each project is to make it personal. We see ourselves as an extension to you when you need it most. Let's partner up and build greatness!

Our Approach

Start-Up & Small Business in mind

During the last eight+ years, we’ve developed an approach that results in professional, stand-out brand designs which build trust. Being focused on start-up brands & small businesses, we make sure the identity works well in the online environment and is visually consistent across all mediums. Our branding design process is very collaborative and requires deep involvement on both sides.

There is no finish line. There are only mile markers. – Michael Ventura

Every successful enterprise changes. It adapts and adjusts to market circumstances. It acquires, grows and evolves. It never stands still. As brand strategists and designers, we help clients find greatness on the far side of change, to see opportunity in disruption, to imagine futures that might not be visible, and provide the data, strategic clarity and creative inspiration to reach it.

More than pretty

Brand Identity

Building a Message

Your brand identity is how your customer's will recognize you. Your look and feel must be consistent throughout in order to build a faithful audience.

In today's market, a loud and noisy brand isn't always the best approach. We can help develop an identity that appeals to your industry's clientele.

every steps matters

Brand Strategy

Know where you're heading

At our core, branding is who we are. Your brand isn't just a logo but a message which if it is properly conveyed – can have a lasting impact.

The positioning and purpose of your brand is key to illustrate to your audience your story and overall message. Stand out by creating a solid message that connects to a customer beyond a sale.

just getting started


Hand ons Consulting

Starting a business can be intimidating. Where do I start? How do I build my business? How do I get my first customer?

Every large business started small, remember that! Over the past years, we have consulted businesses from the ground-up. From learning how to outsource, to learning about your margins, we can help build a business plan for you.

Adwave Signs

Brand Strategy, Photography, Web Development

Scent of Wellness

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Elia Greek Foods

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SlimStrength Activewear

Brand Identity, Ecommerce, Start-Ups

The Team.

Let us be part of YOUR team

The team is lead by Gustavo Rivera who has a passion for start-ups and small business. Knowing the struggles all new business owners may endure, our approach is at you at the center of every project.

We associate ourselves with experts in all areas of your business. Whether that is helping create a fresh approach to your customer base through branding or help you start through a business analysis. After years of experience and friendships, Inventive is here to help you in every step of the way.

Gustavo Rivera


Hire Us.

Where Creativity and Innovation Meet

We put insight and imagination at the center of everything we do. To make brands that can’t be ignored. To accelerate growth. To build better futures at scale.

Truth be told, change is the only constant in a business’ life cycle. Adjusting to it is critical to stay relevant and present. Together, all things are possible. 

Become a Client

Our clients get the best results when they have our team dedicated to their business for extended periods of time. This is why we are looking for ongoing collaboration where our professionals are like your team members who just happen to be remote. Ready to move forward?